What is Secular Humanism?

Secular – is the state of being separate from religion
Humanism – in context of secular humanism is an ideology that embraces reason, ethics, and justice for the better advancement of humanity as a people and the prosperity of our world.

Secular Humanism is a unitary goal that unites those who believe social goals and advancements are best done without the intervention of religion. As such, one of the primary goals of secular humanism is not merely our stance on religious beliefs and their implications in the political and social arena, it is to combat all forms of human suffering. We seek to eliminate intolerance, to move humanity forward in a way that is best for us and our environment. It is a fundamental goal to show others that no religious views or motivations are necessary to make a positive impact on society, and that individuals should desire to participate in the bettering of their community simply because it is the right thing.

Labels – Our labels vary. Some identify as atheist, agnostic, humanist, rationalist, or even a combination of various words. There is also much debate and confusion over what those words actually entail. This is why we choose to use the term Secular Humanism because it encompasses a wider range of individuals that have like-minded goals on the betterment of society. To clarify, it is entirely conceivable for an individual to believe in a deity or religion and be involved in Secular Humanism.

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