Secular Student Alliance at WVU

Secular Student Alliance at West Virginia University awarded 2013 Outstanding Activism Award by Secular Student Alliance for hosting the first campus wide Secular Safe Zone training in the country.
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Secular Student Alliance at WVU is a student group affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance. We strive to promote an atmosphere on campus free of religious persecution, as well as social tolerance and understanding. We hope to also provide a welcoming atmosphere for secular students to group together and create a tangible impact on the community.

We are an official student chapter of the Secular Student Alliance, and the first student chapter formed in West Virginia. For more information on the Secular Student Alliance and how hundred of chapters are being established throughout the United States, please visit

We attempt to accomplish the above goals by: hosting lectures, having regular meetings, group discussions, public awareness events, creating alliances with other student organizations, creating alliances with student government, volunteering, hosting scholarly debates, and much more. We are a very flexible group and can take a variety of measures and routes to ensure we are making a positive impact on our campus and worldwide community.

To be very clear, our purpose is NOT to promote intolerance towards any religion, we believe every individual has the choice to lead an atheistic or theistic life style. No person should be judged on their choices. Each member is held to a higher standard and any actions that harbors prejudice and intolerance against any religious group shall be dealt with to the limits of the law.

If you are curious about secular humanism or wish to join our student organization please, join the discussion on our Facebook group at or email to have your email added to our listserv. We use both means to update everyone as some prefer not to use Facebook. We also have our Facebook privacy settings set to restricted, so there’s no need to worry about your family members seeing your posts within the group if that’s a concern.

NOTE: If you are a high school student looking to start a group at your school, send us an email or a Facebook message! We can help!

Current Board:

President: Robby Ralston
Vice President: Kelley Denham
Treasurer: Kevin Mccabe
Secretary (Interim): Cecil O’Dell
Graduate Student Liaison: Caleb Davis
Advisors: James Keresztury

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